Quality of life: challenges and opportunities 

in the crossroads of the Mediterranean

21-22 September 2023 - Bari, Hotel Excelsior  

AIQUAV – Associazione Italiana per gli Studi sulla Qualità della Vita – is a point of reference for all those who in our country, but not only, conduct theoretical reflections and empirical research on the issue of quality of life; an increasingly crucial theme in a contemporary society strongly characterized by social imbalances, negative environmental effects, contradictions linked to economic development. On the 2023 Annual Conference, the accent will be placed on the Mediterranean, a crossroads and well-being for many populations. The conference will be held in a mixed-mode on-site/web. Both theoretical and applied contributions about well-being, opportunities but also responsibilities in the Mediterranean are solicited and welcome.

Presentation of the conference

The Mediterranean has always been the theatre and crossroads of different peoples, cultures, traditions and religions. Some of the greatest civilizations of the past arose on the shores of the Mare Nostrum and have indelibly marked the course of history.

Few areas in the world match the historical density, heterogeneity and complexity of social interaction that, due to geographical proximity and mobility, have emerged in the Mediterranean world. The multiple realities that distinguish it offer a privileged point of observation for tackling the study of the problem of how communities belonging to different religions, languages, ethnic groups and traditions can interact with each other over time.

The contributions that will be collected will represent an opportunity to explore some of the problems related to the interrelationship between the different peoples who inhabit the Mediterranean today, both from the point of well-being of the peoples, as well as from the demographic, statistical, socio-cultural, economic and legislative. Contributions from different disciplines will be accepted and encouraged, from sociology to statistics, from law to economics, and so on.

The official conference languages will be Italian and English.

Thematic areas (not limited to):

  • Climate change
  • Communication and statistics
  • Digitalization
  • Disability and social inclusion
  • Education quality
  • Environmental analysis
  • Evolution of welfare systems
  • Food policies
  • Globalisation
  • Health conditions and determinants
  • Migration in the Mediterranean
  • Non-profit and social sustainability
  • Nutrition, food and well-being
  • Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion
  • Responsible production and consumption
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable activities in the financial sector
  • Well-being and quality of life

Program Committee

Filomena Maggino, Aiquav President - Sapienza University of Rome (chair)

Adele Bianco, University of Chieti

Paolo Corvo, University of Gastronomic Sciences

Enrico di Bella, University of Genoa

Marco Fattore, University of Milan-Bicocca

Antonino Galati, University of Palermo

Lorenzo Masi, freelance, Florence

Giampaolo Nuvolati, University of Milan-Bicocca

Leonardo Salvemini, University of Milan

Antonello Tarzia, Lum Giuseppe Degennaro University

Marco Trapani, University of Florence

Organizing Committee

Leonardo Salvatore Alaimo, Sapienza University of Rome

Margaret Antonicelli, Sapienza University of Rome

Mariantonietta Fiore University of Foggia

Antonello Tarzia, Lum Giuseppe Degennaro University

Marco Trapani, University of Florence

Davide Turso, Sapienza University of Rome

Sofia Urbani, Sapienza University of Rome


Submission of abstracts

Scholars are invited to submit to the Scientific Committee an abstract of their presentations, in English, of no more than 300 words, including title, authors' name, company or institution they belong to, and email.

Abstracts must be sent to the email address by using this form.

The authors will receive communication about the acceptance of the submission. After that, the authors can send a short paper which will be published in the Book of short papers of the AIQUAV Conference 2023 – Quality of life and the Mediterranean: between opportunity and responsibility, with ISBN.

Sessions proposals

Those who wish to organize a session can send a formal request to the email address

Each session should include 4 presentations.

All proposals must be received no later than June 1, and must contain the information relating to the presentations (name of the authors, title abstract, and authors affiliation and contacts).

Conference Deadlines

• June 30, 2023: abstract submission (max 300 words).

• July 15, 2023: authors will receive notification of acceptance.

• August 15, 2023: short paper submission.

Conference Payment

The payment of the fee must be made by bank transfer to the following account:


Banca Etica (filiale di Firenze)

Iban: IT 43U0501802800000000136009


Bank transfer reason: AIQUAV2023 Conference Registration fee – "Last Name" "First Name"

For any questions, the Conference Secretariat can be contacted also through the following email address: